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The Perfect Companion For Electrical Accessories

Today’s motorcycles, side-by-sides and ATVs come equipped with an amazing array of features and accessories, but many customers will want to further customize their rides with things like heated grips, GPS, an extra-loud horn, or other fun gadgets. These mods can make your customers’ riding or driving experience more enjoyable and safer, but supplying all that stuff with electrical power can be complicated, messy and frustrating. Thankfully, Rowe Electronics has an incredibly sophisticated yet simple solution for adding electrical accessories: The PDM60 and Amplink PDM.

Connecting accessories directly to a vehicle’s battery may be convenient for your clients, but it’s just a matter of time before some gadget gets left on and drains the battery flat, plus they can only stack so many ring terminals on those battery bolts. The PDM60 and Bluetooth-enabled Amplink PDM are a smarter, safer solution for hooking up accessories and provide six 12-volt output circuits with a total capacity of 60 Amps.

The PDMs are designed to connect directly to the vehicle’s battery and efficiently power your customer’s electronic devices when the ignition switch is turned on. Both the PDM60 and Amplink PDM use advanced technology to constantly monitor and evaluate each of the six circuits, and they can differentiate between typical voltage spikes and true fault conditions to properly protect equipment. If a short or over-current situation arises, the PDMs will immediately shut down power to that circuit. Once the problem is resolved the unit can be reset by cycling the ignition key.

All this in an easy to install package that’s only slightly larger than a pack of playing cards. Isn’t technology incredible?

With the PDM60 and Amplink PDM installed, adding or removing aftermarket electrical devices is a breeze. Gone are the days of blown fuses, tangled wiring, overloaded circuits, relays, CANbus-related power interruptions, and other hassles. There are no fuses to check or replace thanks to the devices’ internal circuitry, and LED indicators give your customers at-a-glance circuit info.

The standard PDM60 is ready to go right out of the box, but for those that are interested in adjusting the parameters the device is fully programmable via a USB cable, laptop, and the free Rowe Electronics program. Customization options include setting the amperage for individual circuits as well as adjusting the timing of the startup and shutdown delays. The Amplink PDM offers the same total amperage and circuit count, but brings Bluetooth connectivity to the table for wireless programming and control via the free Amplink app. Additional benefits of the Amplink unit include streamlined wiring, easier setup and adjustment, and immediate circuit feedback on the smartphone app.

The PDMs are the perfect addition for your accessory loving clients. For more details on the PDM60 and Amplink PDM, contact your sales rep or visit

Courtesy of Parts Unlimited Inc.


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