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Our capabilities to work in a variety of industries will insure your project is correct the first time.


The industry is ever evolving; trending away from direct manual linkage control, and toward systems that are full of sensors and controllers that take inputs, push outputs and sense the results. To stay competitive, manufacturers must keep pace with the industry and differentiate their products in the marketplace through continuous innovation and adaptation of new technology. Our services range anywhere from simple accessory integration onto an OEM vehicle, to complete machine solutions, and everything in between. Like all of our services, our first task is to listen to your needs and provide solutions that are relevant and appropriate to your environment. Our multi-disciplinary team is able to provide highly integrated solutions, which tie electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems together with the latest control systems that make the work easier, more reliable, safer, and more productive while offering improved diagnostics.

Electronic Eng

Whether you are designing a completely new system or redeveloping an obsolete product, Rowe Electronics can help you meet your objectives. All products are engineered with manufacturing in mind, focusing on a seamless transition to production. Our electronics engineers will implement full turnkey designs per your specifications, or work collaboratively with your team to identify and develop selected subsets of your product. Core areas of expertise include digital, analog, power design, industrial interfaces, and controls.




With extensive experience in electronic design, Rowe Electronics works with a wide range of applications including:

Harness Eng
Prototype Eng



Our services are primarily focused
on these various industries:


Rowe’s wiring expertise is firmly based in our deep knowledge of electrical architecture, from design to routing and packaging to testing and delivery. Wire harnesses are some of the most complex parts in a vehicle and Rowe has developed technologies to improve performance and reduce weight. With latest advancements, wire harnesses fit more functionality into less space than vehicle engineers had in the past. As a result, these wire harness architectures are also more intelligent than they were in the past. What makes Rowe unique is our technical experience in all of the building blocks of the architecture.


Rowe is proud to provide an array of prototyping options. From concept to delivery, we work to validate new designs through periodical design reviews and our clients’ specific processes including: re-work instructions, test plans, and on-site support to collect data if needed. To continually make the process as seamless as possible from provider to client, we work in the client chosen software and with their existing supply chains. This way the process has already been vetted and is known when considering quality and delivery. On the other hand, if the client wishes not to burden their suppliers or the project is a one-time build, Rowe Electronics will happily provide a reliable recommendation to execute the project.




With extensive experience in electronic design, Rowe Electronics works with a wide range of applications including:

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