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  • Auger - My Keyfob does not work.
    If the light does not come on when then the button is depressed change the Keyfob battery.
  • Auger - Does your Keyfob have and antenna?
    Note: Not a Rowe Electronics Product
  • Auger - Learn new Keyfob
    Remote learning instructions: (you can use 10+ remotes on the same system) Apply power to the unit Using the magnet attached to the work lamp, do the following. Place the magnet on the face of the box in the “Lear area”. Rub the magnet back & forth, in a circular motion, over the receiver learn icon. (See illustration) The receiver LED will go to a SOLID RED state. When it does, press any button on the remote. The LED will change state, and the process is completed. (you should very rarely need to complete the learn procedure; the link between receiver and transmitter are semi- permanent. If it becomes a normal occurrence, send the unit in for service
  • Auger - Not operational
    Low battery voltage is the #1 contributor to operational problems. You must have 12.6+ V at the battery.
  • Auger - Manual switches are working but my Keyfob does not
    If manual functions work, but the wireless does not, then there may be a problem internally. See Learn new Keyfob
  • Auger - Red LED is lit on keyfob and auger box but nothing works
    Likely and internal issue see RMA
  • RMA - How do I get my product serviced?
    In most case we request that customer work through there nearest dealer when possible, Rowe Electronics will assist in troubleshooting when ever possible before issuing and RMA to the dealer for repairs.
  • RMA - Is there a cost involved?
    In most cases yes, see warranty policy


  • IPDM - coming soon

  • PDM60

  • AMPLINK - coming soon

  • RMC2500 - coming soon

  • RMC3500 - coming soon

  • RE3

  • RE6

  • RE10 - coming soon

  • Auger Controls - coming soon

  • CanVerter/IDM - coming soon

  • Pressure Sensor - coming soon


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