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Custom Electronics

The Rowe IPDM™ Power Distribution Module expands CAN bus and Bluetooth control networks by replacing relays and fuses with a more reliable solid-state circuit board design. This design can directly drive any application to where a conventional fuse and or relay may be compatible.


Each of the 9 outputs can switch or control up to 13 amps in 1/2-amp increments and feature built in over-current detection and automatic shut down protection.  Outputs can be bridged for higher loads.


The 9 inputs monitor switched battery, ground and floating inputs.

Wiring and troubleshooting will be greatly reduced by installing the IPDM closer to your end device.


The I/O is fully multiplexed, using CAN bus or Bluetooth, which allows user to simplify wiring designs for ease of installation.


For applications not requiring CAN bus, inputs can be directly wired to the IPDM to trigger an array of outputs.


The enclosure is fully sealed and to conform to the IP69K standard.

Available summer 2020.


PLEASE CALL (515) 981-5504


9 – 13 Amps Max Outputs

  • Amperage Limit Set: 0.50 A increments

9 - Digital Inputs​

  • Voltage Input: Minimum Activation Voltage Level: 1.85 Volts

  • Ground Input: Maximum Activation Voltage Level: 1.4 Volts

Mating Connectors (Deutsch DTHD, DT)

  • J1 – DTHD06-1-4S

  • J2 – DT06-12SA

  • J3 – DT06-12SB


  • Voltage: 5.0 – 22VDC

  • Total Current: 100 amps

  • Dimensions : 6.71 x 3.85 x 1.47 inches - (171 x 98 x38) mm

  • Mass: TBD (beta unit 15oz)

  • Operating Temperature: -40 – TBD

  • Storage Temperature: -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 135°C)

  • Sealing: IP69K SAE J1455

Communication (1 Can 2.0B)

  • Speed Standard: 250 or 500

  • Available 5-1k KBps

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