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Wireless Control Systems

Rowe Electronics’ RX3 Wireless Receiver is an industrial grade 900 MHz RF device with Rolling Code, 2 Kbps data transfer rate. Programmable microprocessor with 28 bit serial number capability.


  • Compact, non-metallic, corrosion resistant enclosure

  • 50+ operational configurations available

  • Excellent performance in “high noise” environments

  • Serial number with rolling code virtually eliminates
    “cross frequency” or interference.

  • Multi-color LED indicator to show status

  • Environmentally sealed connectors.

  • Integral antenna long range antenna options. 

  • 12VDC control system input standard.

  • 100 foot line of sight range


  • Hydraulic Controls

  • Side Dump Trailers

  • Boat Lifts

  • Winch Products

  • Grain Trucks

  • Truck Top Covers

  • Grain Wagons

  • Augers

  • Seed Tenders

PLEASE CALL (515) 981-5504

  • Enclosure Sealing: ANSI/ASAE EP455 JUL91 Section 5.5-Level 2 and Section 5.6-Level 1. (1500PSI @ 12”) IP66/IP67.

  • External Connectors: Watertight in compliance with ANSI/ASAE EP455 JUL 91 document, Section 5.6-Level 1.

  • Vibration: ANSI/ASAE EP455 JUL91 document, Section 5.15-Level 1.

  • Shock: ANSI/ASAE EP455 JUL91 document, Section-5.14.2-level 1 and 5.14.3.

  • Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC): ANSI/ASAE EP455 JUL91 document, Section 5.16-evel 1.

  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): Protected to level 1 of ANSI/ASAE EP455 JUL91 document, Section-5.12.1

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